Well, all the links I provided here are now offline. I'm working on a lot of remasters for all my mash-ups though, and once those are mostly done I'll post some new links

In the meantime, if you want any of my edits, please contact me via email. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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This time it's not a mash-up, but an edit! I reconstructed Eric Prydz's Edit of Call On Me and Valerie, the version he used to play before the official Call On Me release.

Here's the mash-up with the UEFA Euro 2012 title song by Oceana. Enjoy it!

I've just recently found out there's an Instrumental Mix of Afrojack's Take Over Control, so I've decided to mash it with the acapella of "Rolling In The Deep". I think it sounds cool, so enjoy it!