Welcome ...

Welcome ...

... to the now much better looking wobsite of Morten With. As before, you will be able to download my mixes and mash-ups, more content will be following slowly.

To whom it may concern: I'm a 26 year old german DJ, dropping House, Trance and sometimes even Dubstep. I'm just having fun editing, re-arranging and mixing tracks, with I think quite good results.

Some updates concercing the site itself: All mix-links are now back online (they were never really gone, but MEGA changed the links somehow while transferring to their .nz domain). All mash-up links are offline unfortunately, but you can send me an e-mail and I'll get back to you on whatever you need.

I also got rid of the Facebook, Google and Twitter widgets as they were slowing down the site like crazy - and are generally a bad idea concerning trackability etc.

Some newer mixes will now also have m4a links in addition to the mp3 links previously available, encoded straight from the original wavs for those who want some better sound quality.

If you want to listen into something from me real quick, here are 2 mixes which I have uploaded to mixcloud. The first mix is pretty new, containing Trap and some Dubstep. The second mix is a little older, mainly House, and contains a lot of my mash-ups.

Enough talk, just go on with whatever you wanted to do on here. If you don't find what you're looking for, just email me or use one of the other possibilities provided on the Contact page.